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Needs Analysis
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The TNA Materials include these Workbooks and Learner's Guides:

  • Training Needs Analysis Process: An Overview
  • Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions
  • Collecting Information From Individuals
  • Costs and Benefits of Various Solutions
  • Contract with Client to Conduct a TNA
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The TNA Workshop includes the
following Workbooks
and Learner's Guides:
  • Training Needs Analysis Process: An Overview
  • Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions
  • Collecting Information From Individuals
  • Costs and Benefits of Various Solutions
  • Contract with Client to Conduct a TNA
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Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Materials...

How to Analyze Symptoms and Causes to Determine Cost-Beneficial Solutions


Total Training Process

ESF's Training Needs Analysis (TNA) program is another step in ESF's process of becoming a professional trainer, hence the name "ProTrainer" which is ESF's Total Training Process (ESF's ISD Model). ESF's competency-based TNA Materials enable the training professional to:

  • Analyze Symptoms and Causes in order to:
  • Recommend Solutions to Performance Problems based on
  • Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of each of the Solutions.
  • Implement the Most Cost-Beneficial Solutions to the Performance Problems.

What You Will Learn...

ESF's Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Course, provides an organized, structured, systems approach to developing competency-based skills related to analyzing your organization's needs. You will learn how to:

  • Analyze performance problems, symptoms, causes, and solutions
  • Determine how they interrelate and
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to provide the most cost-beneficial solution for your organization.

The term "competency-based" means simply that the training relates directly to what YOU (the trainee or employee) will DO or PERFORM on the job.

Specifically, using ESF's TNA Materials, you will learn that:

  • A PERFORMANCE PROBLEM refers to the inability of an employee to perform an assigned job task. ESF defines Performance as successfully accomplishing an assigned job task, whereas a Performance Problem is the discrepancy between the desired results and the actual outcome. For example:
    • missing information in a travel expense report
    • incorrect information included in a written report
    • participants at a meeting become angry at each other
    • a machine continually fails to operate.
  • SYMPTOMS are observable indicators of a performance problem. Symptoms can be considered as observable indicators of differences between what you expect (or desire) employees to perform and their actual performance, i.e., the difference between what the employees should be doing and what they are actually doing
  • A CAUSE explains WHY a Symptom exists. The CAUSE of a performance problem may be:
    • Inadequate (or lack of adequate) training
    • Inadequate (or lack of adequate) resources, environment, or systems (R.E.S.), or
    • A combination of inadequate (or lack of adequate) training and inadequate (or lack of adequate) resources, environment, and organizational systems.

  • To determine the cause of a performance problem, ask the following question:
    "What is the possible reason or explanation for the symptoms existing?"

  • A SOLUTION is a method of correcting a symptom by eliminating the cause.
    • Solutions can combine a "mix" of both training and non-training solutions.
    • Inadequate training requires Training Solutions
    • Causes not related to training require non-training solutions.
  • Conducting a COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS will allow you to determine what the Costs are and what the Benefits are for each Solution. You can do a Cost-Benefit Analysis for both:
    • Training Solutions, and
    • Non-Training Solutions.

What You Will Do...

Using ESF's TNA Materials, during ESF's competency-based TNA Workshop, you will learn a process that will enable you to perform tasks related to each step of the TNA Process. Specifically, you will complete the following steps:

Step 1: Identify Performance Problems such as:

  • Loss of sales
  • Failure to meet objectives
  • Untenable financial losses

Step 2: Analyze Signs of the Performance Problem, such as:

  • Absenteeism
  • Machine downtime
  • Accidents
  • Property damage

Step 3: Determine if Causes are related to:

  • Inadequate (Lack of) Training, or
  • Inadequate (Lack of) Resources, Environment, Systems (R.E.S.)
  • Use Viewgraphs
  • Use Flipcharts

Step 4: Survey those most affected by Performance Problems to:

  • Verify Causes
  • Identify possible Solutions

Step 5: Determine Costs and Benefits of Various Solutions

Step 6: Implement the most Cost-Beneficial Mix of Training and Non-Training Solutions

What You Will Receive...

ESF's proprietary Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Materials can be used as a stand-alone self-instructional course or in a TNA Workshop. The TNA course materials include:

  • Five self-paced Workbooks and five easy to follow Learner's Guides:
    • Training Needs Analysis Process: An Overview
    • Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions
    • Collecting Information From Individuals
    • Identify the Costs and Benefits of Various Solutions
    • Contracting with Client to Conduct a TNA
  • Skills-related Learner's Guides:
    • Case Studies to guide you in practicing the required tasks
    • Role Play Activities
    • Performance Checklists that allow you to transfer the skills learned to actual job tasks

Attend ESF's TNA Workshops...

ESF offers its TNA Workshop in the format that best meets your specific needs:

  1. On-Site Workshops:

    An ESF-Certified Instructor will come to your site and conduct the TNA Workshop over a 3-, 4-, or 5-day period. Although the Workshop can easily be completed in three (3) days, some clients, who want to complete a large project during the actual Workshop, may request a longer Workshop.

    The TNA Workshop is restricted to Sixteen (16) Participants per Instructor.

  2. E-Learning Workshops:

    The TNA Workshop is ideal for an e-learning format because Participants can work individually or in a group.

    ESF will support an individual's or organization's e-learning efforts in the following way:
    • Conduct the TNA Workshop in a synchronous ("virtual") classroom via "Live Meeting" or other virtual classroom used by the organization
    • Model the TNA Process with the Learners in a virtual classroom via "Live Meeting" or other virtual classroom used by the organization
    • Review and evaluate Participants' projects created in Skills Labs
    • Provide constructive feedback to the Participants.

    If this type of approach is desired by the Client, ESF will establish a:
    • Flexible Schedule
    • Way so that Participants can attend the synchronous ("virtual") classroom sessions
    • Way for Participants to submit their projects via email or ftp upload for critique by ESF's Instructor.

ESF's Mini-Workshops...

ESF offers workshops at your site to train you how to become Professional Trainers in all area of your training job. ESF offers two IDLS-related Mini Workshops that enhance the IDLS Process:

  1. How to Use ESF's TaskOutliner Software:

    This Workshop is geared for those who:
    • Have already taken ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workshop but never used the TaskOutliner Software
    • Want to get more in-depth knowledge on how to use TaskOutliner.

  2. How to Use ESF's StyleDoc Templates:

    This Workshop is geared for those who:
    • Want to get more in-depth knowledge how to use the user-friendly StyleDoc Templates in conjunction with ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Materials

Thanks ESF...

ESF's Training Needs Analysis Process has proven to be a valuable tool in pinpointing root causes. With funds limited today, we apply our solutions in the most cost-effective manner so we can get the greatest return on our investment. The class provides all the skills necessary to identify your problem and provide the proper solutions.

Ray Sinkiewicz, Human Resources Center, UAW/GM
ESF-Certified Instructor (Retired)

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