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3-Day Developing Skills Labs Workshops Cost

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ESF's Skills Labs Workshops include Workbooks & Learner's Guides on How to Prepare & Conduct:
  • Demonstrations
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
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Be sure to take ESF's Interactive Teaching Skills Workshop (ITS) either before taking the Developing Skills Labs Workshop:

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$2,000 per Participant

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The ITS Workshop includes the
following Workbooks
and Learner's Guides:
  • Interactive Teaching Skills
  • Using Media Interactively
  • Conducting Interactive Skills Labs
The Workshop Fee
also includes:
  • TaskOutliner
  • StyleDoc
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    3 Modules listed above.
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Developing Skills Labs (SL) Workshops...

Develop & Present Activities that Simulate Tasks Learners Must Perform On the Job


Total Training Process

ESF's Skills Labs (SL) program is another step in ESF's process of becoming a professional trainer, hence the name "ProTrainer" which is ESF's Total Training Process (ESF's ISD Model).

ESF's Skills Labs (SL) Workshop is a competency-based program that enables you the participant, to use ADVANCED interactive instructional techniques.

Whereas in the Interactive Teaching Skills (ITS) Workshop, you learn primarily how to conduct the Instructor-led ("Platform Skills") portion of a workshop, in the Skills Labs (SL) Workshop, you will learn how to develop three different types of Skills Labs (or Activities) for the instructional modules you are creating for your organization. After using the IDLS materials to develop a Workbook containing the Knowledge Skills portion of your module, you must then develop the performance-based section, i.e., Skills Lab or Activities of the module.

In the Skills Lab portion of an interactive workshop, you will need to MODEL how to perform a job. After showing how to perform the job, you will need to COACH the learners and help them PRACTICE DOING the job.

What You Will Learn...

Using ESF's Skills Labs (SL) Materials, you will learn Modeling and Coaching Skills. Specifically, you will learn how to PREPARE and CONDUCT:

  • Demonstrations: These are most appropriate when used for tasks that involve People-to-Machine Skills, such as how to operate a piece of equipment, change a tire, or repair a machine.
  • Case Studies: These are most appropriate when used for tasks related to People-to-Paper Paper Skills, such as how to fill out a form, or read a diagram.
  • Role Plays: These are most appropriate when used for tasks related to People-to-People Skills and involve the use of Interpersonal Skills, such as those related to sales, motivation, quality, leadership, and other forms of changing an individual's behavior.

What You Will Do...

Specifically, using ESF's Skills Labs (SL) Materials, you will be able to:

  • Prepare General Guidelines for the Demonstration, Case Study, and Role Play Skills Labs.
    • Prepare for a team task, if necessary.
    • Estimate the skills lab time.
  • Prepare and Conduct Skills Labs based on Demonstrations (People-to-Machine Tasks):
    • Complete all the preparations which your learners will need to conduct successful Demonstrations.
    • Prepare the skills lab equipment and show it to your learners.
    • Explain the Demonstration to your learners. Emphasize cautions and time-dependent operations.
    • Review any knowledge skills needed for the Demonstration.
    • Distribute the Performance Checklist and review skills lab guidelines with your learners.
    • Model how to perform the required task.
    • Allow learners to rehearse privately and coach learners as necessary.
    • Allow learners to demonstrate the task in front of the other learners.
    • Critique learners' performance.
  • Prepare and Conduct Skills Labs based on Case Studies (People-to-Paper Tasks):
    • Develop a hypothetical Case Study that resembles an actual case.
    • Collect all the facts and relevant information.
    • Develop any forms needed to complete the task.
    • Present the problem for solution.
    • Require learners to find a solution, make decisions and take action.
  • Prepare and Conduct Skills Labs based on Role Plays (People-to-People Tasks):
    • Develop a hypothetical Role Play scenario.
    • Stress cautions and time-dependent operations.
    • Stop Role Play if real feelings develop.
    • Coach during the Role Play only if absolutely necessary.
    • Discuss emotional issues.
    • Debrief players after the role play.
  • Videotape and Critique Each Presentation:
    • Each Learner will be videotaped during each Presentation.
    • After all the presentations for each of the three Skills Labs, using the Performance Checklist provided, the Learners will first critique themselves, then will be critiqued by their classmates, and finally by the Instructor.
    • Follow the two very important rules for the critique session:
      • Rule 1: NO Negatives can be used in the review process. Absolutely no one, including the Presenter, Instructor and Participants, is allowed to give negative criticism. The only acceptable responses are constructive critiques, that is, what the Participant can DO to improve.
      • Rule 2: Limit each critique to sixty seconds or less per person. Often, after the first few critiques, there are no new points to add. Participants can just offer a couple of seconds.

What You Will Receive...

ESF's recently revised and streamlined proprietary Developing Skills Labs Materials can be used as a stand-alone self-instructional course or in a Developing Skills Labs (SL) Workshop. The Skills Labs course materials include:

  • Three self-paced Workbooks and three easy to follow Learner's Guides that guide participants how to Prepare and Conduct:
    • Demonstrations
    • Case Studies
    • Role Plays
  • Skills-related Learner's Guides:
    • Skills Labs on each of the above topics
    • Sample Case Studies
    • Sample Role Plays
    • Performance Checklists which allow learners to transfer learned skills to actual job tasks
  • TaskOutliner (Optional):
    • If you do not already have ESF's user-friendly software TaskOutliner, it is recommended that you purchase it to use to generate your Performance Checklists that will be used to evaluate how well the Learners perform the requisite skills during the Skills Labs that you have developed.

Attend One of ESF's ITS Workshops...

ESF offers its ITS Workshop in the format that best meets your specific needs:

  1. On-Site Workshops:

    An ESF-Certified Instructor will come to your site and conduct the ITS Workshop over a 3-, 4-, or 5-day period. Although the Workshop can easily be completed in three (3) days, some clients, who want to complete a large project (Instructor's Guide & corresponding Skills Lab scenario) during the actual Workshop, may request a longer Workshop.

    The ITS Workshop is restricted to eight (8) Participants per Instructor (maximum sixteen (16) Participants with two (2) Instructors).

  2. E-Learning Workshops:

    The Skills Labs (SL) Workshop is not ideal for an e-learning format because of the need to videotape each Participant's presentation and provide positive feedback to each Participant.

    However, ESF can support an individual's or organization's learning efforts in the following way. ESF can:
    • Conduct the ITS Workshop in a virtual classroom via "Live Meeting" or other virtual classroom used by the organization, and
    • Use videotapes to model the appropriate Instructor interaction with the Learners in a virtual classroom via "Live Meeting" or other virtual classroom used by the organization, and
    • Review videotapes of the Learner's presentations
    • Evaluate the Learner's self critique
    • Provide constructive feedback to the Learner.
    If this type of approach is desired by the Client, ESF will:
    • Establish a flexible schedule
    • Set up a way so that a maximum of eight (8) participants can attend the virtual classroom sessions
    • Establish a way for Participants to submit their videotaped presentations via email or ftp upload for critique by ESF's Instructor.

ESF's Mini-Workshops...

ESF offers two IDLS-related Mini Workshops that enhance the IDLS Process:

  1. How to Use ESF's TaskOutliner Software:

    This Workshop is geared for those who:
    • May have already taken the IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workshop but never used the TaskOutliner Software
    • Want to get more in-depth knowledge on how to use TaskOutliner.

  2. How to Use ESF's StyleDoc Templates:

    This Workshop is geared for those who:
    • Want to get more in-depth knowledge how to use the user-friendly StyleDoc Templates in conjunction with ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Materials

Thanks ESF...


I'd like to join the others in thanking you, for meeting the needs of our group in Buffalo this past week. We gained so much by having you work hand in hand, side by side with each of us. I want to thank you again for your time and professional help this week!

George D. Klass, UAW Local 1112, Salem, Ohio

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What a great Interactive Teaching Skills class, Mary and Peter! Thanks for coming.

Sister Mary Charles, O.P., Aquinas College, Nashville, TN

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Just wanted to tell you, Peter, what a great pleasure it was taking IDLS-Pro-Trainer 1 from you. The week just flew by. It was great fun and I learned a lot. What more could I have asked for! Thanks a lot, and may God bless you and your family.

Your friend,

John F. Pasnik, GM Powertrain, Middleport, NY

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