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General Motors Projects ...

ESF began its association with GM Corporate through GM Education and Training in 1983.

ESF has completed the following development and training projects for GM Corporate:

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ProTrainer Series ...


GM Corporate Training

Beginning 1983, ESF has provided GM trainers with training in ESF's programs. ESF instructed GM's trainers and developers in the IDLS process, Training Needs Analysis process, Interactive Teaching Skills concepts, and Management of Training techniques. ESF trained GM staff to train their trainers throughout the corporation in ESF's processes.

Programs included:

  • Instructional Development Learning System (IDLS): How to design, develop, and validate instructional materials
  • Interactive Teaching Skills (ITS): How to conduct interactive classes
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA): How to analyze performance problems by determining cost/beneficial solutions
  • Management of Training (MOT): How to plan, run, and evaluate a training department
  • Working with Challenging Learners (CL): How to interact with various types of personalities in the classroom
  • How to Conduct Skills Labs (SL): How to transfer the technology learned in the IDLS Workshop to enable learners to perform required tasks both in the classroom and on the job.

ESF has trained hundreds of GM staff and plant employees could develop training materials and use the skills learned in the above ProTrainer courses. GM has required the above courses for those trainers desiring to hold the "Professional Trainer" status.

ESF conducted its ProTrainer Workshops in a variety of plants throughout the world including the following:

  • Flint Tool & Die: Flint, MI
  • Chevrolet Corsica, Beretta, Pontiac Tempest: Wilmington, DE
  • Moraine Assembly Truck & Bus: Moraine, OH
  • Delco: Dayton, OH
  • Delphi: Indianapolis, IN
  • AC Rochester: Rochester, NY
  • Delco Products: Kettering, Oh
  • Adam Opel: Ruesselsheim, Germany
  • Opel/Vauxhall: Luton, England
  • Truck Assembly Centre: Oshawa, Canada
  • Adam Opel: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Opel/Vauxhall: Luton, England
  • Truck Assembly Centre: Oshawa, Canada

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Secretarial/Clerical Orientation Program...


GM Corporate Required Course

ESF revised GM's corporate-required Orientation Program for Salaried and Secretarial-Clerical Employees to make them competency-based.

Modules in the program included:

  • You and GM
  • Your Conduct
  • Take a Look at Yourself
  • New Secretarial and Clerical Orientation
  • Clear Writing
  • Grammar And Punctuation
  • Effective Telephone Communications

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Instructor Certification...

Since 1983, initially though GM's Education and Training Department, ESF has provided GM trainers with Instructor Certification in ESF's programs. ESF has certified GM staff to train their trainers throughout the corporation in ESF's processes.

ESF certified GM trainers to conduct the following ProTrainer Workshops:

  • IDLS-ProTrainer 1
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Interactive Teaching Skills
  • Management of Training Techniques
  • Working with Challenging Learners
  • Developing and Conducting Skills Labs.

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Saturn ...

ESF provided training for GM's trainers and developers involved in Project Saturn. ESF's training also involved in-plant supervisors and affected assembly-line personnel.

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