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FedEx Projects ...

ESF began its association with FedEx in 1977.

ESF has completed the following development and training projects for FedEx:

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Federal Express Company Start-Up...


Absolutely, Positively Call to Service

In 1977, less than three years after its full operation began, ESF was contracted by Fred Smith to launch a full-scale training program to all functioning departments of FedEx. These included:

  • Management Training
  • Couriers' Operations
  • Computer Technicians
  • Computer Operations
  • Flight Engineering
  • Flight Mechanics
  • Sales
  • Mail and Package Handling
  • Maintenance
  • Drivers
  • Pilots
  • Trainers
  • Many Others.


Ozark Retreat Training

In the foothills of the Ozark mountains in Horseshoe Bend AK, in a retreat setting formerly occupied by a senior retirement community, ESF conducted its IDLS training program for designated trainers from each of the departments that formed FedEx. Each of the trainers went on to develop IDLS modules for encompassing training for the entire organization.

Using its IDLS process, ESF trained FedEx trainers to develop hundreds of training modules for the support of the Memphis site. In addition, ESF played a major role in designing the original FedEx Media Center in Memphis used for the design and development of both the printed and visual support of the IDLS training modules.

The quality of training realized by implementing IDLS has played no small part in making FedEx the leader in delivering quality packaging transportation throughout the world. Subsequently, Federal Express adopted ESF's curriculum model to meet its unique needs.

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Sandvik: Federal Express Newark Hub...

In 1995 FedEx completed a $60 million expansion and a state-of-the-art automated sort facility at its Newark Regional Hub, which now includes Building #347, #156 and most of Building #155.

In the original Memphis Hub, approximately 4,000 employees moved approximately 12,000 packages each hour through the system.

In its first automated Hub at Newark airport, FedEx's goal was to use approximately 1100 employees to move 46,000 packages per hour through the system.


In 1994-1995, subcontracting to Sandvik Sorting Systems, using its IDLS process, ESF designed and developed thirty-five modules and eleven training videotapes to train FedEx employees at the new Hub. The FedEx operations and maintenance jobs included:

  • Singulators
  • Flow Control
  • Diverters
  • Scanners
  • Dimensioning Frame
  • other conveyor equipment.

ESF also developed modules on WonderWare, the sophisticated software that drives and monitors the entire conveyor system. ESF staff created the Modules including Participant Workbooks and Learner Guides as well as Instructor Materials including Instructor Guides, Viewgraphs, and Training Videos.

Due to the quick turn around in developing the FedEx training modules, ESF was able to help FedEx meet its start-up goals successfully.

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Sandvik: Federal Express Dallas/Fort Worth Hub ...

In its second automated Hub in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX airport, FedEx's goal was to employ only 900 workers to move an even greater number of packages, approximately 90,000 per hour, through the system. ESF was again asked to use its IDLS design and development training process to develop modules for all FedEx employees operating in the Hub. From 1996-1997, ESF redesigned and developed forty-three modules for Sandvik Sorting Systems to train FedEx operations and maintenance employees.

Again, FedEx was able to meet all its start-up goals successfully, thanks to the tireless effort the ESF team put into developing the FedEx training materials.

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