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ESF was one of the first non-oil industry contractors to design and develop training for EXXON's Global Oil Refining industry and may have been the first Small Business contractors to develop training for the oil industry.

ESF has completed a variety of developmental and training projects for EXXON including the following:

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Humble Oil & Refining Company:
Skills Training Improvement Program (STIP)...

ESF was contracted by Humble Oil and Refining Company to:

  • Design the refinery operations modules
  • Train and supervise EXXON's trainers to develop a series of modules using ESF's IDLS design process.

During 1970 and 1971, ESF designed a new training system for Humble Oil: Skills Training Improvement Program which they called STIP. ESF's overall design incorporated all the elements of its IDLS instructional systems design model in its approach to training key Humble Oil personnel. Basically, ESF implemented a series of "performance-based" training institutes that enabled each Task Force to learn and utilize new skills while supervised by ESF. Then, under the guidance of ESF over a six-month period, the Humble Task Forces developed their own training programs.

Beginning in 1970 and for a period of almost thirty years thereafter, EXXON used those IDLS modules to train employees in its crude plant refineries throughout the world. These included the following skilled tradespeople:

  • instrument technicians
  • process technicians
  • pipe-fitters
  • riggers

Using the IDLS Process, EXXON designed, developed, and validated more than 450 modules.

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EXXON: Baytown...

Before the EXXON Chemical Company in Baytown TX began production, ESF trained its training designers/developers and classroom instructors.

The EXXON Chemical Company staff used ESF's IDLS design process to develop numerous modules to train employees at its new plant.

Baytown RefineryBaytown Refinery

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ESSO (Eastern) Australia and Southeast Asia ...

In the early 1980s, due to its success in training refinery personnel in the US, EXXON contracted with ESF to train both its refinery trainers and oil rig operator trainers in Australia and South Asia including Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

ESF conducted several series of workshops for ESSO in Sidney, Melbourne, and Sale, Australia. As a result of these on-site workshops, crude plant operators and offshore operators were able to design, develop, and validate training programs in numerous different subject-matter areas.

ESF conducted training workshops similar to those in Australia for Southeast Asian staff personnel with similar results.

ESF-designed training courses for crude plant, as well as offshore operators, are currently in production and in use in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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Monterey Coal/Carter Oil Company

In 1977, participants from the 1970 workshop attended an ESF workshop in order to reinforce their skills and apply them to develop a training program for Carter Oil, a subsidiary of EXXON.

Subsequently, ESF conducted several on-site workshops to train Monterey Coal/Carter Oil's training staff to design, develop, and validate training programs using ESF's IDLS process.

Subsequently, Monterey Coal/Carter Oil's training staff prepared numerous training programs using ESF's IDLS design criteria.

In the mid 1980s and early 1990s, owing to its continued success outside the US, EXXON contracted with ESF to train its coal mine operator trainers in Gillette, Wyoming (surface mine operations) and in Carlinville, Illinois (below ground mine operations). In Carlinville, ESF supervised the development of the IDLS coal mine operator training modules.

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Anecdote: The Staying Power of IDLS ...

For nearly a generation, IDLS was EXXON's preferred training process or methodology which attests to the longevity and staying-power of the IDLS process. EXXON has become the largest profit-making organization in the history of the modern world, due in part to the training foundation ESF provided to EXXON through its IDLS Process.

In 1990, Peter presented the Keynote address at the American Petroleum Institute's annual convention. As he was speaking, twenty years later after ESF's first workshop for EXXON, a group of EXXON trainers stood up and announced that the IDLS modules were still being used world-wide. This was one of the many times that Peter and Mary were reaffirmed that their IDLS process had made a difference in Corporate America.

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