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ESF's Police Training Projects ...

Beginning in 1971, the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police and the Maryland Police Training Commission (MPTC) contracted with ESF to complete the following Training projects:

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DC Police Shield

District of Columbia Metropolitan Police ...

D.C. Metropolitan Police Academy Training...

In November 1971, ESF began a nine-month effort to develop a Basic Officer Training System Design for the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, D. C. ESF brought to the Academy the entire breadth of instructional systems design.

Throughout the design of the police-training program, ESF developed alternative instructional strategies to meet the needs of the Department.

Finally, ESF also assisted the Metropolitan D.C. police-training department in implementing its newly designed recruit officer-training program.

The result of all the effort expended by the Academy faculty was the development of 120 individualized learning modules covering all aspects of Basic Officer Training. Individualized instruction in Law Enforcement became a reality at the Metropolitan Police Academy in 1973.

These modules included areas such as:

  • Resolve Domestic Disputes
  • Investigate Crime Scenes
  • Testify in Court
  • Determine Probable Cause
  • Pursue Criminal in High Speed Chase
  • as well as many others.

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D.C. Metropolitan Police Staff Training...

After designing the Basic Officer Training Program, ESF conducted extensive workshops and consultation sessions with the Police Academy faculty.

While the efforts and energies of Academy instructors were enormous, ESF takes great pride in its own contribution to the success of the venture, and especially in the workshop sessions on individualized instruction, which introduced most of the Academy faculty to the principles, strategies, and appropriate media for modularized learning.

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D.C. Police: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)...

Under contract to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, ESF designed and produced a validated learning package for in-service roll call training related to handling cases involving persons driving while under the influence of alcohol.

ESF designed a course that allowed both group instruction, using a series of slide-tape presentations, and independent study, using three self-instructional workbooks.

The 1972 passage of an Implied Consent Act for the District of Columbia required that all officers be aware of the Act's implications in making a DUI arrest.

ESF provided the first mediated and validated modules to be used in D.C.'s In-Service Roll Call Training Program.

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Maryland State Police Shield

Maryland Police Training Commission (MPTC)

From 1975-1978, ESF designed, developed, and validated a series of self-instructional training packages for the Maryland Police Training Commission (MPTC). MPTC establishes the requirements for police training throughout the State of Maryland.

Modules were developed on the following topics:

  • Emergency Driving Skills
  • Court Presentation Techniques
  • Accident Investigation
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Highway Surveillance
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Traffic Direction and Contro

The self-instructional units were field-tested with Maryland police officers. In addition, the units were reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The intensive review process resulted in updating all self-instructional units..

These training materials were made available throughout Maryland to large and small police jurisdictions.

The self-instructional, self-paced nature of the materials allowed officers to receive in-service training at a reduced cost without affecting the quality of their training.

In many cases, the ESF materials led to more effective training since it freed instructors from the burden of large group-scheduled classes.

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