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Gaston & PorterThe Alliance of Supplier Diversity Professionals, Inc (ASDP) is a non-profit corporation with members throughout the U.S., offering education and professional development opportunities, as well as Supplier Diversity Professional Certification, for professionals within management, purchasing, procurement or similar career paths.

In addition to the on-going professional certification process, ASDP provides seminars, training and testing critical to today's supplier diversity professional for which continuing education credits are earned.

In 2006-2007, ASDP contracted with ESF to develop a Supplier Diversity Certification Curriculum through which members will be able to qualify to become a Certified Government and Commercial Supplier Diversity Professional.

ESF converted ASDP's educational modules into a series of interactive modules using ESF's IDLS format. Using the steps in the IDLS process, ESF developed the following Participant and Instructor Materials:

  • Interactive Workbook
  • Skills Labs with Case Studies with Performance Checklists
  • Instructor's Guides, Notes, and Slides for the Instructors

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Modules in the Certification Program include:

  • Prepare Subcontracting Plans
  • Implement Subcontracting Plans
  • Customer Reports
  • Prepare For & Conduct Compliance Reviews
  • Mentor-Protégé Program, Part 1
  • Mentor-Protégé Program, Part 2
  • Develop Sourcing Strategies
  • Evaluate Sourcing Strategies