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PTSC Curriculum: A Holistic Model for Change

Gaston & PorterIn 2007-2008, ESF developed a twelve-week curriculum as a model for change for African American women over fifty-five. The purpose of the nationally recognized intervention program is to meet weekly for twelve weeks with a small circle of Prime Time Sisters to share a life-changing adventure.

Marilyn Hughes Gaston, M.D. and Gayle K. Porter, Psy.D.,
co-directors of the Gaston & Porter Health Improvement Center, created Prime Time Sister Circles® (PTSC) because of their deep conviction that this group of women needs a radical change in their health and the revolution begins with each individual.

PTSC provides the necessary tools, skills, and prescriptions to awaken the revolutionary person within and live a healthy life.

Marilyn Hughes Gaston, M.D.
and Gayle K. Porter, Psy.D.

PTSC uses a holistic approach incorporating essential components of mind, body, and spirit.
The PTSC Curriculum, consisting of Workbooks, Prescription Guides, Recommending Readings for the Sisters, and Instructor's Guides, Notes, and Slides for the Instructors, contains the following learning modules, activities, and life prescriptions:

  • Pre Week: Introduction to PTSC, Overview, Contracts
  • Intro 1: Five Stages of The Transtheoretical Model
  • Intro 2: The Eleven Focus Areas
  • Week One: The Impact of Spirituality on Your Health
  • Week Two: Prioritizing Your Health & Increasing Your Self-Esteem
  • Week Three: Stress and Depression
  • Week Four: Coming Together to Lower Our Stress: Developing Your Stress Management Plan
  • Week Five: Fitness: Physical Activity & Well Being
  • Week Six: Fitness: Physical Activity & Well Being: Developing Your Fitness Management Plan
  • Week Seven: Nutrition: Eating to Live
  • Week Eight: Nutrition: Eating to Live: Developing Your Nutrition Plan
  • Week Nine: The Power of Prevention
  • Week Ten: You Can Save Your Own Life: Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes
  • Week Eleven: Anger and Attitude
  • Week Twelve: Being a Partner with Your Health Care Team: Celebration/Living in Health and Wellness

PTSC Gratitude Journal
Above: Prime Time Sister Circle® Gratitude Journal