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ESF Introduces Its Competency-Based Training Process to Kohler

Beginning in 2006, ESF undertaken the following projects for Kohler:


IDLS-ProTrainer 1: Sanomex Vitreous Plant, Monterrey, Mexico

Re-establishing Long-time Friendships Dr. Mary Esseff at Sanomex, Kohler's vitreous plant near Monterrey, Mexico May 2006

In 2006, Cathy Edwards, Human Resources Manager, Kohler's Global Faucets Division, invited ESF to conduct ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workshop for a cadre of trainers at Sanomex, Kohler's vitreous plant near Monterrey, Mexico. Cathy Edwards has been an advocate of ESF's ProTrainer Processes for more than 25 years.

In 1980, she began work at RR Donnelley where she was certified by Dr. Peter Esseff to conduct ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workshop. Over the years, while at RRD, Cathy used the ProTrainer Process to restructure several of RRD's overseas plants to make them operate more efficiently.

Dr. Mary Esseff with Angela Araujo & Salvador Gaza,
IDLS Workshop, Kohler-Sanimex, May 2006.

The Sanomex trainers were taught how to design, develop, & validate training programs for its vitreous plant that produces commodes, sinks, and tubs.

In the next couple of years, they plan to open a second vitreous plant in northern Mexico and be able to use the modules for a quick start-up of the plant.

Dr. Peter Esseff with cadre of trainers at Kohler's vitreous plant near Monterrey, Mexico, May 2006

Dr. Peter Esseff with cadre of trainers at Kohler's vitreous plant near Monterrey, Mexico, May 2006
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In September 2006, several modules were completed and piloted with the Supervisors and employees at the Sanomex plant. Much positive feedback was received for the process and modules developed by the staff.

Some comments include:
Jose Guadalupe Trevieo Lozoya (Supervisor)

"The training manuals project is really good, because it helps a lot to understand the process, and with this we can improve the quality of our products."


José Guadalupe Treviño Lozoya (Supervisor)
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Eloy Rodreguez (Expert)

"In my opinion the project is very good and it does work. We need to continue our measurement efforts to understand its true impact.

This should be part of the orientation program, so we can have the feedback and follow-up that is required.

I think it will help a lot if we can create a practical evaluation, like including a production line practice (like a school)."

Ing. Eloy Rodríguez (Expert)

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Leobardo Sauceda (Supervisor)

"In my opinion it helps (the training manuals) because the information that it has is the first thing that the new hires should learn.

It is very important information, and it will be good if it can be included in the orientation program."


Leobardo Sauceda (Supervisor)
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Miguel Barajas

"The material is very helpful because it helps me to understand in a more clear way what the process is about.

The format in which the material is presented is easy to understand, because you learn and understand the whole process."

Miguel Barajas (Caster #15255)

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Juan Antonio Ramirez Aguirre

"It helps me to learn how the process works and with this I can start casting with less doubts.

The format is really good because you can retain better the information you read."


Juan Antonio Ramírez Aguirre (Caster #15335)
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Fernando Eliud Flores Conde

"The manual helped me to learn the process of bowl casting and all the information about security and cleaning that is required in the area.

Now I do things different than the first day I start working in the area.

The format of the manual is good. It is nice to go thru it."

Fernando Eliud Flores Conde (Caster #15337)

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Ausencio Torres Ochoa (Supervisor)

"The manual helps new hires to know what they should do and clear some doubts they have.

I can see a lot of difference between the persons who learn with the manual and the ones who didn't use it, specially referring to their ability to cast."


Ausencio Torres Ochoa (Supervisor)
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Canac Kitchens: Training Curriculum Supervision

Plant-wide Effort to Develop a Curriculum to Upgrade the
Technical Skills of Plant Employees

In 2007, ESF contracted with Kohler to apply ESF's ProTrainer Processes to provide a structured, effective course of action at Kohler's subsidiary Canac Kitchens, Statesville, NC.

As one the largest suppliers of frameless cabinets in North America, Canac cabinetry is specified not only for kitchens, laundry areas and bathrooms, but also for bedroom built-ins, library, bar and entertainment units.

Several phases of the tight timeline included: Canac Maintenance Room

  • Train a cadre of writers to use ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Process to develop instructional materials for each job performed to manufacture, assemble, store, and ship the finished kitchen cabinets including:
    • Manage Orders
    • Control Production Documentation
    • Follow Safety Procedures
    • Receive Raw Materials
    • Identify Tasks in Machining Area
    • Control Inventory
    • Operate Equipment to Machine & Finish Components
    • Finish Components
    • Assemble Product
    • Construct Specials Off Line
    • Inspect Finished Products for Defects
    • Package Finished Product
    • Ship Finished Product
    • Invoice Customer
    • Maintain & Repair Equipment
    • Maintain & Repair Facility
  • Videotape each job
  • Construct Task Analysis for areas
  • Develop Interactive Workbooks
  • Supervise Cadre
Canac Maintenance Room

IDLS-ProTrainer 1: Corporate Training & Certification

Kohler's Manufacturing Trainers Introduced to ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Process

ESF conducted an on-site training program for trainers from Kohler during the Canac Project to begin the Certification Process for conducting ESF's competency-based IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workshop.

The Instructor Candidates complete a five-step process to be certified:

  • Take the IDLS Workshop as a Learner
  • Take theInteractive Teaching Skills (ITS) Workshop
  • Take ESF's T3 to review content of IDLS Workshop with Dr. Peter Esseff to insure Instructor Candidate can teach all content correctly
  • Observe Dr. Peter Esseff teach the IDLS Workshop
  • Co-teach IDLS Workshop with Dr. Peter Esseff