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ESF Introduces Its Competency-Based Training Process to the
Manufacturing Industry

Clark Building, Bethesda, MD
Since 1969, ESF has completed a variety of Workshops and Training Projects for Manufacturing companies throughout the country including those listed below.

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Clark Building, Bethesda, MD

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Kohler Products, Mexico

Kohler Products, Mexico

3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) ...

Global, Diversified Technology Company

3M, a science-based company, produces thousands of imaginative products and is a leader in numerous markets from health care and highway safety to office products and optical films for LCD displays.

Their success began with their ability to apply their technologies to real-world customer needs on order to make life easier and better for people around the world.

ESF trained virtually all of 3M's course designers to design and develop training materials for 3M's variety of office machines, products and equipment. 3M developed many training modules using ESF's IDLS design principles.

Assortment of 3M Products

Assortment of 3M Products, including: Tapes, Post-it Pads, Scotch-Guard, Scotch-Brite

Clark Construction Group, LLC ...

Building Ideas into Reality for over a Century

Clark Hard Hat
For Clark's 100th anniversary in 2006, they commissioned the creation of a hardhat featuring landmark projects completed during the company's first century in business.

This collage represents just a small portion of the millions of square feet of office buildings, hospitals, research facilities, schools, retail centers, manufacturing facilities, sports complexes and convention facilities that Clark has constructed across the country.

Clark Construction Group, LLC has steadily grown from a small excavating company begun in 1906 into one of the nation's most experienced and respected providers of construction services.

They oversee projects ranging from small interior renovations to some of the most recognizable architectural landmarks throughout the country.

Clark continues to use its experience and expertise on new projects and building types while remaining true to its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Fountain at National Museum of American Indian,
Smithsonian, National Mall, Washington, D.C.
Fountain at the National Museum of American Indian

In 2006-2008, ESF taught a cadre of Clark Trainers to use ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Process to develop instructional materials to teach their employees how to use the Basics of J. D. Edwards Software. ESF reviewed their Task Analyses and Modules as they were developed.

The Modules included the following:

  • Complete Job Status Inquiry
  • Use Basics of J. D. Edwards Software
  • Prepare Clark Job Cost Overview
  • Introduction to J. D. Edwards Software
  • Review Job Status Report In Balance
  • Manage Cost Structure: Job Number Logic
  • Manage Cost Structure: Cost Code Logic
  • Manage Cost Structure: Cost Type Structure
  • Manage Cost Structure: Category Codes in Cost Codes
  • Manage Subcontract Log Items
  • Job Status Inquiry
  • Print Cost Transaction Based Reports
  • Print and Analyze Change Order Management Reports
  • Interpret Printed Reports from Purchasing System
  • Interpret Printed Cost Reports-Forecasting
  • Perform Estimate to Complete Project (ETC) Maintenance
  • Enter Change Order in J. D. Edwards
  • Generate Staff Chart in Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Quantities In Place (QIP)
Sports Project
Sports Project
Residential Interior
Residential Interior
Commercial Interior
Commercial Interior

National Museum of the American Indian

National Museum of American Indian, Smithsonian, National Mall, Washington, D.C.

James River Logo

James River Corporation (JR) ...

Staff Certification: IDLS-ProTrainer 1

James River Paper MillJames River Corporation renamed Fort James Corp. is now owned by Georgia-Pacific. It is among the largest paper companies in the world, with about 60 manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe.

It makes a variety of paper and food-packaging products for the North American and European markets.

James River Paper Mill

James River Toy Truck James River's major business segments include:

  • Consumer paper products such as Dixie paper cups and plates, as well as paper towels, tissues and napkins sold under the Brawny, Northern and Vanity Fair labels;
  • Folding cartons used in food packaging; and
  • Office products, including stationery and copier paper.

In 2004, ESF trained James River's staff in IDLS techniques and procedures. James River used the IDLS-ProTrainer 1 process to certify its trainers in developing instructional materials.

James River Toy Truck

Assortment of James River Products

Assortment of James River Products, including:
Dixie Cups, Paper Towels and Napkins, Paper Towel Dispenser and Others

Timken Logo

The Timken Company...

Corporate Staff Training: IDLS-ProTrainer 1

Timken Wheel Hub AssemblyThe Timken Company, a multi-national company, is the world's largest supplies of roller bearings.

Located in Canton, Ohio, Timken's products are used in many different industries including:

  • transportation
  • industrial equipment
  • electronics
  • mining and drilling
  • aerospace and defense
  • military applications.

Timken Intergalactic Solution
Timken adopted ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 process for training both its technical and inter-relational skills training staffs.

After a series of IDLS Workshops, the Timken trainers produced numerous training programs using the IDLS process.

Timken Solutions for Intergalactic Travel

Timken Wheels on Cummins Engine

Timken Wheel Sets
Timken Wheel Sets on Cummins Engine

Timken Wheel Sets on EMD 12 cylinder Engine