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ESF Introduces Its Competency-Based Training Process

Working in MD Corrections Facility
From the very beginning of its origin in 1969, ESF offered its ProTrainer Processes to to a wide variety of Corrections & Law Enforcement.

Woman Working on Calendar
in MD Corrections Facility

MD Correctional Adjustment Center

ESF has completed a variety of Workshops and Training Projects in the Corrections & Law Enforcement industries throughout the country including those listed below.

Correctional Adjustment Center
Baltimore, MD
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MD State Police HeadquartersThe following Projects are on this page and will open below:

Maryland State Police Headquarters
Reisterstown, MD

Recruits, DC Police AcademyThe following will open in a new window:

Recruits, DC Police Academy

United States Capitol Police ...

Capitol Police: Full Range of Police Services for
the Congressional Community and its Visitors

US Capitol Police Dog
The mission of the United States Capitol Police is to protect and support the Congress in meeting its Constitutional responsibilities. The main focus of the Capitol Police is to:

  • Protect life and property
  • Prevent, detect, and investigate criminal acts
  • Enforce traffic regulations throughout a large complex of congressional buildings, parks, and thoroughfares
  • Protect Members of Congress, Officers of the United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, and their families.

The Forgotten, Ron M, Cane Bay Photography

In 1980, ESF developed a modularized self-instructional training program for the police who monitor and protect the people who live in the homeless shelters in the District of Columbia.

The Forgotten
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Cane Bay Photography

Community for Creative Non-Violence

Community for Creative Non-Violence:
Largest homeless shelter in the world
425 Second St. NW Washington, DC

Franklin School Shelter

Franklin School Shelter
13th and K Streets, NW
Washington, DC

Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) ...

Metrorail Under Construction, Dupont Ave StationESF & IDLS Take
a Ride on the Metrorail

On June 4, 1976, President Ford signed into law a bill passed by Congress authorizing the establishment of the Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD).

MTPD police officers have tri-state jurisdiction with responsibility for a variety of law enforcement and public safety functions in transit facilities and on the Metrorail and Metrobus systems throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Metrorail Under Construction, Dupont Ave Station

Metrorail construction began in 1968 under President Lyndon B. Johnson's administration and officially opened March 27, 1976 at the Rhode Island Avenue Station.

Metrorail Opening 1976

In 1975, using its IDLS-ProTrainer 1 instructional design process, ESF developed a training program for the Metro Transit Police Department officers.

When the new Metrorail opened in Washington, D.C., the Transit Police, trained through the interactive modules, used the new skills to prevent crime on Washington's new underground rail system,

Metro Transit Police Officer with Canine Partner

Metro Transit Police Officer with Canine Partner
Ride the Metrorail Under the Streets of Washington, D.C.

American Correctional Association (ACA) ...

Staff Certification: IDLS-ProTrainer 1

ACA Corrections OfficersThe American Correctional Association (ACA), formerly known as the American Prison Association, is the oldest and largest international correctional association in the world. Approximately 80 percent of all state departments of corrections and youth services are active participants.

Also included are programs and facilities operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the private sector.

ACA Corrections Officers

Federal Bureau of Prisons at Tradeshow

In the 1970s, ESF conducted a series of regional workshops in the IDLS techniques and procedures nationally for the American Correctional Association.

The workshops involved training for correctional training officers from adult correctional institutions throughout the United States. .

The ACA trainers used the IDLS-ProTrainer 1 process to certify its trainers and develop instructional materials for the corrections industry.

Federal Bureau of Prisons at Tradeshow
Detention Ministry Meeting

Detention Ministry Meeting

Illinois State Department of Corrections Logo

Illinois Department of Corrections ...

IDLS for Corrections Academy In-house Training Development Staff

Illinois Corrections Academy Class
ESF conducted its IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workshops to train the in-house training development staff of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

The Staff trainers designed, developed, and validated the entire correctional officers training program for the new Training Academy in Springfield.

Illinois Corrections Academy Class

ESF was responsible for the design and supervision of the development of the first systematically developed and individualized statewide correctional officers training program.

Fingerprinting Training
The Illinois Correctional Academy has improved the security of the jail facilities and also brought greater professionalism to the corrections field and the officers serving in that capacity.

The Correctional Basic Training Course is 200 hours of full-time study over five consecutive weeks of training, averaging 40 hours of study per week. One week of the Correctional Basic Training Course is conducted at a Board-certified jail for on-the-job training.
Illinois Corrections Academy Fingerprinting Training

Firearms Practice

The curriculum includes courses in the following:

  • Firearms training
  • Cardio-pulmonary
  • First Aid or emergency care
  • Basic jail security principles
  • Legal rights of prisoners
  • Self defense tactics
  • Human behavior
  • Shakedown and physical search procedures.

Academy Firearms Practice

Correctional Facility, Southwestern IL

Correctional Facility, Southwestern IL

Maryland Adult Corrections Pre-Release ...

ESF Develops Pre-Release Instructional Programs

MD Corrections: Prisoners Printing Brochures
The Maryland Correctional Pre-Release System operates units that provide work and other rehabilitation for prisoners who are within 12 months of release. System facilities mainly house inmates in the Work Release Program.

Before assignment to a pre-release unit, prisoners are screened carefully at the Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center or at the institutions to which they are assigned. When possible, inmates are assigned to the pre-release unit nearest their home.

MD Corrections: Prisoners Printing Brochures

MD Corrections: Jessup Pre-Release Unit
ESF worked in two of the Maryland Correctional Pre-Release System Correctional Facilities: Brockbridge, a medium-security institution, and Jessup Pre-Release Unit, both minimum-security.

In 1979, ESF designed, developed, and validated a series of programs to train inmates who are scheduled for release from Adult Corrections Centers.

Artistic Rendition of MD Corrections Facility at Jessup

MD Corrections: Pre-Release Mobile Library

The self- instructional units designed by ESF included:

  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Job Search Procedures
  • How to Apply for and Receive Credit
  • Budgeting
  • How to Fill Out Job Applications
MD Corrections: Pre-Release Mobile Library

MD Corrections: Jessup Pre Release Prisoners with Staff

MD Corrections: Jessup Prisoners with Pre Release Staff

MD Corrections: Jessup, Drug Sniffing Dog

MD Corrections: Jessup, Drug Sniffing Dog

MD Corrections: Jessup Exterior

MD Corrections: Jessup Exterior