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Training Needs Analysis

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Working with Challenging Learners

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IDLS-ProTrainer 1

Training Needs Analysis

Interactive Teaching Skills

Developing Skills Labs

Working with Challenging Learners

Return on Investment (ROI)

Managing Your Training Department




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   Selected Clients

  • 3M
  • AAA
  • Adam Opel
  • American Correctional Association
  • Amtrak
  • AT&T
  • Bell Labs
  • Carter Oil
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints: Genealogical Society
  • Dow Chemical
  • Esso Australia
  • FDA
  • FedEx
  • General Motors
  • Goodyear
  • Glaxco
  • Hoffman-LaRoche
  • IBM
  • Illinois Department of Corrections
  • James River
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Maryland Community Colleges
  • Maryland Corrections
  • Maryland Juvenile Services
  • Maryland Police Training Commission
  • Merck Pharmaceutical
  • Metropolitan D. C. Police Department
  • Monterrey Coal
  • Mountain Bell
  • National Apartment Association
  • NASD
  • The Department of the Navy, Comptroller's Office
  • Ortho-McNeil
  • R. R. Donnelley
  • Sandvik Sorting Systems
  • Saturn
  • Schering-Plough
  • Schering-Plough, Ireland
  • Shell Oil
  • The Rouse Company
  • Rochester Products
  • Timken
  • Training Institutes: Coppin State, Hampton Institute, Morgan State
  • Union Oil Company
  • United Way
  • Unisys
  • Wachovia
  • Warner-Lambert

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ESF Partner's Nostalgia

ESF Partners...

Throughout the years, ESF's principles, Mary and Peter Esseff, have been fortunate to meet many outstanding individuals with whom they have maintained long-standing personal and business relationships. These colleagues, who are also close personal friends, have either worked as contractors on various ESF projects or used ESF's IDLS Process for developing and/or facilitating IDLS-based training curricula at their organizations.

In addition to the ESF-related work they performed, they are also owners of their own consulting firms. Although ESF can pull from a wider group of ESF-certified trainers, the following "Core Cadre" makes up ESF's "On-Call" Team. ESF is fortunate to be able to call on them when it is necessary to put together a team to perform work on various ESF projects.

Louis M. Savary, Ph.D.

Dr. Louis M. Savary has been a consultant to industry and the business world for over two decades. A Senior Training Analyst with ESF, Inc. since 1983, Dr. Savary designed, developed, and validated over 100 modules of performance-based training materials using ESF's Instructional Design Process (IDLS) for corporate clients. He has conducted numerous ESF Workshops for trainers at General Motors, Dow Chemical, and other major corporations. These ESF Workshops included: IDLS-ProTrainer 1: How to Develop Interactive Materials, Management of Training, and Interactive Teaching Skills. He also consulted in developing the profiles for ESF's course, Working with Challenging Learners and conducted the workshop within various corporations.

In addition to consulting with ESF, Dr. Savary is a prolific writer. His most recent publication is The Nun and the Bureaucrat... How They Found an Unlikely Cure for America's Sick Hospitals, which he researched and co-authored with Clare Crawford-Mason. The book is a companion to the PBS documentary, Good News... How Hospitals Heal Themselves. Both book and documentary report the transformational changes of management and clinical care delivery achieved by two large hospital systems. The results were significant reductions in death and suffering, medication errors and hospital-acquired infections, waste, and expense and improvements in quality of care and working conditions for healthcare professionals.

Dr. Savary's numerous other achievements include the following:

  • Dr. Savary has authored, co-authored (many with Dr. Patricia H. Berne, his wife), or edited over 70 published books, and worked with more than 14 different publishers; produced and narrated more than 40 audiocassettes. Some titles include: Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence (Paulist Press, 1989), Dreams and Spiritual Growth: A Judeo-Christian Way of Dreamwork (Paulist Press, 1984), Prayer Medicine: How to Dance, Cry, Sing, Meditate, Wrestle, Love and Pray Your Way to Healing (Midpoint Trade Books Inc., 1996), Interpersonal Communication and Values (Loyola University Press, 1975), A New Self--Self-Therapy with Transactional Analysis (Addison-Wesley, 1977, with Muriel James), Mindways: Using Both Sides of your Brain (Harper & Row, 1979), and Building Self-Esteem (Continuum, 1984).

  • Under contract to CC-M Productions, Dr. Savary attended the quality management training under W. Edwards Deming, Ph.D. in order to create a series of educational materials for certain volumes in The Deming Library series of videocassettes. He also developed related educational materials (15 modules) for the IBM three-hour PBS mini-series Quality ... or Else! (CC-M Productions, 1992). In the same theme, he wrote Creating Quality Schools (American Association of School Administrators, 1992).

  • In addition, Dr. Savary ghostwrote the popular management book Managing From the Heart (Delacorte, 1991, for The Atlanta Consulting Group), The Merlin Factor for Charles Smith Consultants, Ethics and Efficiency in Business for The Atlanta Consulting Group, Managing by Values for the Wilson Consulting Group, and the premiere book on creativity: The Path of Least Resistance: Principles for Creating What You Want to Create (Ballantine, 1989, for Robert Fritz).

  • Passionate about the spirituality that Teilhard de Chardin has to offer us, Dr. Savary has created a website to provide information about Teilhard, Teilhard For Beginners. The purpose of this website is "to present the spirituality of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. We hope to make it accessible�clearly, simply, and understandably�to those who wish to experience it. We are dedicated to helping you set out to explore the spiritual path of the divine milieu that Teilhard pioneered."

    Dr. Savary's credentials in this area are impeccable since he holds a Doctorate in Spirituality and theology. He was a Jesuit for 30 years. For over 35 years, Dr. Savary, frequently accompanied by Dr. Patricia H. Berne, Psychologist, has taught courses in Teilhardian spirituality and run workshops and study groups on the spiritual teachings contained in Teilhard's book, The Divine Milieu.

  • Dr. Savary holds several advanced degrees including a Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics, applied to research in the behavioral sciences, from the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. He is also an Adjunct Faculty Member at several colleges and universities.

Dr. Savary's bio would not be complete without a note about his phenominal musical talent. At the age of thirteen, Lou, a gifted trumpet player, formed a band called the "Musical Minors", a play on words since they were all from the coal mining region of Scranton, PA. The band was so talented, they were booked solidly locally, then traveled extensively, eventually performing weekly on the Ken Murray Show (1950-1952), a precursor of the Ed Sullivan Show. One of his gigs led him to Las Vegas where he performed one evening as the warm-up act for Louis Armstrong. They were billed as Big Louie and Little Louie. The band ended when he entered the Jesuits in 1954.

As a member of the Woodstock Jesuit Singers, Lou, joined by nine fellow Jesuit seminarians including Peter Esseff, also appeared on the Ed Sullivan Christmas Show, December 20, 1964. In the audience was Mary Sullivan (no, not related to Ed) Esseff, then a senior at Chestnut Hill College. Click here to see a bit of the Woodstock Jesuit Singers on the show (Lou is at the far right and Peter is second from left): "Is the World Still As Fine as It Was" and "Hallelujah".

Over the years, Lou has composed numerous songs, plays the cornet and French horn as well as the trumpet, and still carries his horns with him so he can play those great melodious tunes wherever he goes. He published Music & Your Mind: Listening With a New Consciousness co-authored with Helen L. Bonny (Consortium Book Sales & Distributors, 1990).

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Patricia H. Berne, Ph.D.

Patricia H. Berne, Ph.D., holds her doctorate in clinical psychology and maintains a clinical practice both in Washington, DC and Tampa, FL. Together they have taught at many universities and led many workshops. She has been a a pastoral minister at Georgetown University and counselor to students at Trinity College in Washington DC.

Together with her husband, Dr. Berne consulted in developing the profiles for ESF's course, Working with Challenging Learners. The profiles included three types of Silent Learners: Shy and Quiet, Inattentive, and Non-Responsive Learner; six common types of Difficult Learners: Overeager, Highly Emotional, Antagonistic, Resistant, and the Out-of-Hand Class; and four types of Special Learners: Latecomers, Prejudiced, Distressed, Learners who need to be dismissed.

Dr. Berne is a U.S. state-licensed health professional trained in hypnosis and is among those U.S. health professionals who offers hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) treatment using the standardized 7-session treatment protocol tested by Dr. Olafur S. Palsson and Dr. William Whitehead in their studies (achieving over 80% success rate in both studies).

A devotee of the spirituality that Teilhard de Chardin has to offer the modern world, Dr. Berne has been a Teilhardian follower since the 1960s, and is able to translate Teilhard�s abstract and complex ideas into recognizable human experiences, especially for Teilhardian beginners.

Dr. Berne, with Dr. Louis M. Savary her husband, has co-authored seven books on the interface of psychology and spirituality including:

  • Building Self Esteem in Children (Crossroad Classic; New Ed edition, 1999)

  • Prayer Medicine: How to Dance, Cry, Sing, Meditate, Wrestle, Love and Pray Your Way to Healing (Midpoint Trade Books Inc., 1996)

  • Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence (Paulist Press, 1989), Dreams and Spiritual Growth: A Judeo-Christian Way of Dreamwork (Paulist Press, 1984)

  • Dream Symbol Work: Unlocking the Energy from Dreams and Spiritual Experiences (Paulist Press, 1991)

  • Prayerways; Creative Spiritual Exercises (Harper, 1984), and

  • What Will the Neighbors Say?: Facing the Fear of Disapproval (Continuum, 1982).

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