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Serving Clients Since 1969

Providing Workshops for Trainers Since 1969

ESF is one of the world's first systems- or process-designed Train-The-Trainer companies. ESF provides a step-by-step process for helping its clients to become Professional Trainers. Through ESF's Materials, you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to contribute to your organization and advance your career.

ESF also offers on-site Workshops that cover all facets of the training function.

Our Goal: To help trainers succeed.
Our Mission: To provide you, our trainers, with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your careers, and to have skills that you can use throughout your life.

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You can become a professional trainer in all the areas of your training career through ESF's powerful Interactive, Performance-based Materials, which include:

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Advancing the Field of Workplace Learning & Performance

ESF is known throughout the human resources world as the "Trainers' Trainer."

As dedicated professionals, Peter & Mary are widely known for their ability to provide their clients with direct personal service. They specialize in developing an "in-house professional training capability" within client organizations.

Many of ESF's clients attest to ESF's ability to make them fully independent of ESF's services.

Peter & Mary say:

If you need us to remain "on retainer" to guide you for a few months or while you are undergoing change or putting ESF's process into place, we will be happy to do so until you are able to operate as high-level training professionals.

Remember, we are no further than a phone call away.

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Kohler Sanimex: Training For Performance

The training manuals project is really good, because it helps a lot to understand the process, and with this we can improve the quality of our products.

José Guadalupe Treviño Lozoya (Supervisor)

[Note: This comment is from the Plant Supervisor referring to Employees who were using the job-specific instructional materials developed by Kohler-Sanimex Developers after ESF's IDLS Workshop, May 2006.]

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