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   Thanks ESF...



I'd like to join the others in thanking you, for meeting the needs of our group in Buffalo this past week. We gained so much by having you work hand in hand, side by side with each of us. I want to thank you again for your time and professional help this week!

George D. Klass

UAW Local 1112

Salem, Ohio


Just wanted to tell you, Peter, what a great pleasure it was taking IDLS-Pro-Trainer 1 from you. The week just flew by. It was great fun and I learned a lot. What more could I have asked for! Thanks a lot, and may God bless you and your family.


Your friend,

John F. Pasnik

GM Powertrain

Middleport, NY



Thanks for the training that you gave us. My documentation skills have improved dramatically! Thanks again.


Marc Madej

RR Donnelley & Sons Company

Elgin, IL


Peter and Mary,

The workshop I took from you in Instructional Development has helped me in my everyday life.


Leon Istambouli

Sydney, NSW


Thank you for the training you provided our trainers. Hope that we get the opportunity to have another week-long workshop with you.


Tracy Merritt

General Motors, Moraine Assembly

Dayton, OH


IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workshop...


ESF developed the Instructional Development Learning System workshop and materials in 1970. The very first workshop we conducted, held in the Watergate in Washington, D.C., was for executives and trainers from EXXON. They wanted to redo their Refinery Training Program.

This workshop and its corresponding instructional materials quickly became known as IDLS. In the 1980’s, when we developed other materials in the ProTrainer series, the course became known as IDLS-ProTrainer 1.  It is based on a systems approach to developing training materials. During the past decades, IDLS has been revised every few years to incorporate all the shortcuts and insights gained from conducting the workshop thousands of times. What was initially a two-week program is now reduced to a 3-5 day workshop, We have also listened to our clients’ needs and have integrated many of their excellent suggestions. IDLS has been used by ESF’s Fortune 500 clients all over the world for over thirty-five years.

The IDLS program is one of the steps in ESF’s process of becoming a professional trainer—ProTrainer: ESF’s Total Training Process (our ISD Model).

The IDLS workshop on how to design, develop, and validate instructional materials, provides an organized, structured, systems approach to developing competency-based interactive programs. The term "competency-based" means simply that the training relates directly to what the trainee or employee will do or perform on the job.



What You Will Learn...

Specifically, in ESF’s IDLS workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Outline all the tasks required to perform a specific job in a performance sequence
  • Use a practitioner’s approach to measuring knowledge skills (how much learners know) and physical skills (whether learners can perform designated tasks)
  • Provide your learners:

§        with the most amount of information,

§        in the least amount of time,

§        with the greatest amount of efficiency,

§        for the least amount of money.

  • Guarantee that 100% of your learners will achieve 90% or better on the Post Inventory and 100% of your learners will achieve 100% on the Performance Checklist. 

What You Will Do...

During the IDLS workshop, you will learn a process that will enable you to perform tasks related to each step of the IDLS process. Using documentation you bring to the workshop and working within a small group (no larger than three participants), you will:

  • Design a customized Task Analysis

§         Use ESF's user-friendly software, TaskOutliner, to develop a Job Task Analysis to identify what the learner needs to know and perform on the job.


  • Develop Criterion Tests and Performance Measures

§         Use the Job Task Analysis in conjunction with ESF's StyleDoc Templates to develop Performance Measures.

§         Develop Inventory Questions (Pre Inventory, Progress Review, and Post Inventory) to measure knowledge skills needed to perform the job.

§         Develop Performance Checklists automatically from the TaskOutliner. These Checklists test whether your learners can perform the required job.



  • Develop Interactive Instructional Materials

§        Develop hands-on Skills Labs

§        Develop self-paced, self-instructional, competency-based, learner-oriented Workbooks, Learner's Guide using the Job Task Analysis and Performance Measures developed in the previous steps.

§         Use ESF's StyleDoc to make the process fast and easy.


  • Validate your interactive instructional materials using ESF's Item Analysis process (an item-by-item quantitative analysis of your workbook) to determine whether your materials actually produce the results you desire. If they don't, you will know why immediately and revise the materials accordingly. This final step is designed to guarantee learner success and ensure quality performance.


What You Will Receive...


As part of the Workshop Fee, you will receive:

  • IDLS Materials: ESF's proprietary instructional design workshop materials have been recently revised and streamlined. The participant materials contain four IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Workbooks & Learner's Guides:

§         Task Analysis

§         Performance Measures

§         Developing Interactive Materials

§         Validation


  • TaskOutliner Software: During the Computer Lab portion of the Workshop, you will use ESF's user-friendly software TaskOutliner to develop your instructional materials.
  • StyleDoc: Throughout the Workshop, you will use this fantastic series of Microsoft Word templates to assist you in formatting your custom-made Modules.

Other ProTrainer Workshops Available


ESF offers workshops at your site to train you how to become Professional Trainers in all area of your training job:

For those who have been using the IDLS process before our TaskOutliner software was available, we now conduct a one-day Workshop to teach you how to use TaskOutliner to create Task Analyses using the user-friendly TaskOutliner in conjunction with ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Materials.

Other Workshops are also available:

§         Training Needs Analysis
§         Interactive Teaching Skills
§         Developing Skills Labs
§         Working with Challenging Learners
§         Return on Investment (ROI)
§         Managing the Training Department