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   Thanks ESF...


I'm so excited. This is my first introduction to the internet, and I am looking forward to learning more this week. You are very learned and patient with us. Thank you.

Kathy McLaughlin

Aquinas College

Nashville, TN

What a great Interactive Teaching Skills class! Thanks for coming.


Sister Mary Charles, O.P.

Aquinas College

Nashville, TN

Peter & Mary,

It was a true blessing to cross your path in this life. The gift that you two have (teaching) helped me to become a much better teacher.  THANK YOU!

Vernon C. Trimble

Delphi Packard


Champion, OH


Dear Mary:
I recently completed Interactive Teaching Skills-ProTrainer IV, which is the second in the series for me. I believe that it was the most beneficial training I have received for improving my training skills. I look forward to using interactive training in my future classes. Thank you for a great instructional technique.

Tony Newton
Delphi Electronics & Safety
Flint, MI


Training Needs Analysis Workshop



Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is another step in ESF’s process of becoming a professional trainer—ProTrainer: ESF’s Total Training Process. The TNA workshop enables the training professional to analyze symptoms and causes in order to provide a solution mix to performance problems based on a cost/benefit analysis of the solutions.


What You Will Learn...


During the Training Needs Analysis workshop, you will learn how performance problems, symptoms, causes, and solutions interrelate, and how to conduct a cost/benefit analysis to provide the proper solution.


Specifically, in ESF’s Training Needs Analysis program, you will learn that:


§        A performance problem refers to the inability of an employee to perform an assigned job task. ESF defines Performance as successfully accomplishing an assigned job task, whereas a Problem is the discrepancy between the desired results and the actual outcome. For example, information is missing from a travel expense report; wrong information is included in a written report; participants at a meeting become angry at each other; a machine continually fails to operate.


§        Symptoms are observable indicators of a performance problem. Symptoms can be considered as observable indicators of differences between what you expect (or desire) employees to perform and their actual performance, i.e., the difference between what the employees should be doing and what they are actually doing.


§        A Cause explains WHY a Symptom exists. The cause of a performance problem may be lack of training, lack of adequate resources, environment, or systems (R.E.S.), or a combination of lack of (or inadequate) training and lack of (or inadequate) resources, environment, and organizational systems. To determine the cause of a performance problem, ask the following question: "What is the possible reason or explanation for the symptoms existing?"


§        A Solution is a method of correcting a symptom by eliminating the cause. Solutions can combine a "mix" of both training and non-training solutions. Inadequate training requires Training Solutions; Causes not related to training require non-training solutions.


§        You can conduct a Cost/Benefit Analysis for both training and non-training solutions.



What You Will Do...

  Specifically, in ESF’s competency-based Training Needs Analysis program, you will:


  • Identify performance problems such as:

§         Loss of sales, failure to meet objectives, etc.

  • Analyze signs of the performance problem such as:

§         Absenteeism, machine downtime, accidents, property damage, etc.

  • Determine if causes are related to:

§         Lack of training, or

§         Poor resources, environment, systems (R.E.S.)

  • Survey those most affected by performance problems to:

§        Verify causes

§        Identify possible solutions

  • Determine costs and benefits of various solutions

  • Implement the most cost/beneficial mix of training and non-training solutions 

What You Will Receive...


As part of the Training Needs Analysis Workshop Fee, you will receive:

  • Five self-paced instructional Workbooks: 

§        Training Needs Analysis Process: An Overview

§        Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions

§        Collecting Information From Individuals

§        Identify the Costs and Benefits of Various Solutions

§        Contracting with Client to Conduct a TNA


  • Skills-related Learner’s Guide
  • Case Studies to guide you in practicing the required tasks
  • Role Play Activities
  • Performance Checklists that allow you to transferthe skills learned to actual job tasks

Other ProTrainer Workshops Available


ESF offers workshops at your site to train you how to become Professional Trainers in all area of your training job:

For those who have been using the IDLS process before our TaskOutliner software was available, we now conduct a one-day Workshop to teach you how to use TaskOutliner to create Task Analyses using the user-friendly TaskOutliner in conjunction with ESF's IDLS-ProTrainer 1 Materials.

Other Workshops are also available:

§      IDLS-ProTrainer 1: Design, Develop, Validate Instructional Materials
§         Interactive Teaching Skills 
§         Training Needs Analysis
Developing Skills Labs
§      Working with Challenging Learners
§      Return on Investment (ROI)
§      Managing the Training Department