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Peter Max

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Peter J. Esseff, Ph.D....

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Peter J. Esseff, Ph.D.
  • The Catholic University of America, 1969: Ph.D., Educational Technology, Washington, D.C.
  • The Fordham University, 1958: MA, Education, Bronx, NY
  • The Fordham University, 1956: AB, Classics: Latin and Greek, Bronx, NY
  • The Jesuit Theologate, 1962-65: Theology Studies, Woodstock MD
  • The Jesuit Philosophate, 1953-58: Philosophy Studies, Shrub Oak, NY
  • The Georgetown University, Summer 1964: German Studies, Salzburg, Austria

Role at ESF...

In the almost forty years since Peter and Mary founded Educational Systems for the Future®, Peter has been ESF's Technical Director. In a small company such as theirs, that means that both do just about every job that needs to be done. Over the past many decades, Peter's role has been to:

  • Provide leadership in all aspects of professional requirements
  • Create the overall mission of our company
  • Identify short and long-term goals for ESF
  • Define strategies to meet those goals
  • Identify financial goals for the company
  • Resolve any technical issues related to how our IDLS process is to be changed and implemented. Thus, Peter has worked hard over the years to make the process as easy to follow as possible while still maintaining the integrity of the basic Systems Approach theory.
  • Conduct the majority of ESF Workshops, especially those related to certifying trainers to conduct ESF's courses. In doing so, ESF is able to maintain tight control over the quality of training provided by ESF-certified instructors both within ESF and within ESF's clients' organizations.
  • Write training materials
  • Co-manage ESF's finances
  • Work with clients on-site and at our home-based office
  • Write proposals
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The last of eleven children, Peter was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA to Lebanese immigrant parents. At seventeen, he entered the Jesuits and spent the first three years at the Novitiate in Wernersville, PA. Peter then studied Philosophy at Shrub Oak, NY for three years. During those years, he received his BA and MA degrees from Fordham. He then taught German, English, and Religion for three years at Scranton Prep, PA, where he was moderator of the yearbook and in charge of photography. In 1962, he went to Woodstock, MD to study Theology. As Woodstock's photographer, he was a front row participant in the Martin Luther King March on Washington.

In 1964, he led a group of teens from Georgetown Prep to Salzburg, Austria. There, he met Mary Sullivan... and the rest is history.As a Jesuit and member of the Woodstock Jesuit Singers, Peter, joined by nine fellow Jesuit seminarians including Lou Savary, also appeared on the Ed Sullivan Christmas Show, December 20, 1964. In the audience was Mary Sullivan (no, not related to Ed), then a senior at Chestnut Hill College. Click here to see a bit of the Woodstock Jesuit Singers on the show (In the video, Peter is second from left and Lou is at the far right): "Is the World Still As Fine as It Was" and "Hallelujah." Woodstock Jesuit Singers 1964. Peter is 3rd from left.

In 1965, a year before ordination, Peter left the Jesuits and he and Mary were married in January 1966.

After spending a year as an Analyst at the Department of Navy and three years in the Title VI Grants Program at HEW, he joined Westinghouse Learning Corporation, then Sterling Institute. During those years, he received his Ph.D. After graduating in 1969, Peter and Mary founded Educational Systems for the Future®.

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Activities, Memberships, Achievements, and Fun...

Dr. Peter Esseff enjoys and is active in many diverse organizations. These include the following:

  • Teams of Our Lady
    • 2000-Present: Team Member
    • 2001-2003: Tampa East Sector Couple
  • The Esseff Foundation for the Arts, Tampa, FL
    • 1993-2000: Vice President of the non-profit organization. Galleries, individual artists, or individuals have donated all work.
    • Mission: To support artists in a variety of artistic expressions from the visual and dramatic arts to music and dance.
  • Chestnut Hill College
    • 1999: Donated Free Spirit sculpture to college
    • 1997: Co-facilitated Technology Workshop to determine how CHC could get involved in Distance Learning in association with WHYY, PBS Channel 12, Philadelphia, PA.
    • 1997: Co-facilitated brainstorming session with CHC Spirituality Department and well-known consultants in the spirituality field to write a grant proposal on how Spirituality can interrelate with the Medical Model.
    • 1996-1998: Alumnae Board, Baltimore Area Representative
    • 1973-1975: Alumnae Board. Conducted first survey of alumnae; constructed survey instrument, collected, analyzed, and interpreted data for final report to be used for evaluation.
  • Oversaw Landscaping for Estate Property, Dayton MD
    • Designed and oversaw planting of ten-acre estate in Dayton, MD including a celebratory Sculpture Garden containing the bronze sculpture, "Free Spirit", by renowned artist Caryl Picker
  • Writing, Art, and Photography
    • In addition to the many training books published by ESF Press, Dr. Esseff has also written many poem, memoirs, and journals
    • Collects and enjoy a variety of artwork
    • Set up own photographic studio in several places; processed work
  • Languages
    • Latin, Greek, German, Arabic
  • Teaching and Tutoring
    • 2002-2004: Taught Latin to Home Schoolers (Pro Bono)
  • Community Association Activist
    • Southview Community Association
      • 2000-2005: Member
      • 2001-2005: Board Member
      • 2002-2005: Newsletter Editor
    • Dayton Community Association
      • 1996-1999: Founder and President: Worked with Homeowners, Howard County Council, Zoning and Planning Board, Howard County Executive, Maryland Legislators, Governor and Lt. Governor to restrict overdevelopment on environmentally-protected land in Western Howard County
    • Kalmia Farms Community Association
      • 1995-1997: President: United community to work together to socialize, fight crime, and aid one another
    • Home Occupation Council
      • 1992: Co-Founder of HOC
      • 1993-1995: Worked with Small Business Owners, Howard County Council, Zoning and Planning Board, and Howard County Executive to revise the zoning regulations for home-based businesses
  • Phi Delta Kappa, University of Maryland Chapter, Professional Educational Association
    • 1971-1975: Program Chairman, Recording Secretary, Reservations Chairman, Elected to Membership
  • Travel and Singing
    • Traveled extensively for business and pleasure: US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Europe, Australia
    • Our most recent trip in August 2008 was a cruise from Vancouver, B.C. through Alaska's Inside Passage, to Whittier with stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Sitka. We stayed a few additional days in Anchorage and ended the trip with a flight to and within Mt. McKinley, the highlight of our trip.
    • Peter Singing 'Our Lady of Knock' in Dingle In 2007, we made two trips to that wonderful land of my ancestors, Ireland. The first trip was a gift from our dear friend Margaret Brack. She conducted the Sacre Voce Choir in four venues including the Shrine of Knock where choir member Peter sang the solo"Our Lady of Knock."It was quite inspirational. Click on the link to hearPeter singing with the Sacre Voce Choir. To see them performing, click of this link: "Our Lady of Knock" video.
    • The second Ireland trip was to conduct our IDLS workshop for a group of Schering-Plough trainers from many European countries: Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Belgium. Needless to say, we had great fun as well as many challenges. But we overcame all obstacles and each participant learned the IDLS process and we had a good time doing the workshop. We love working among all these great people from so many cultures. And being in Ireland was again a treat for us.

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