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Consultants to Fortune 500 Companies Since 1969

Since 1969, ESF has been offering its clients a variety of materials, tools, and processes to enable Client Organizations' employees to become Professional Trainers in each aspect of the trainer's job.

To view how ESF's work over the past four decades has impacted learning and performance in the workplace, see: Sustained Impact of ESF's Work.

ESF can help you with the following training areas:

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Advancing the Field of Workplace Learning & Performance

Over the past four decades, ESF has developed many fantastic courses for a variety of Clients using ESF's unique IDLS-ProTrainer 1 instructional systems design process.

Visit the these links for more information about IDLS Workshops and IDLS Materials.

ESF has developed Training Programs for many Clients including:

Referrals Are Us ...

To Bid or Not to Bid ... That's Never the Question

Typically, ESF does not bid on projects, submit lengthy proposals, or write progress reports for work done.

We are a small company and prefer to spend our time working with our clients, We do NOT want to spend our limited resources, time, money and talent:

  • competing against other development companies
  • writing up our day-to-day accomplishments.

We start work on a verbal go-ahead or a handshake.

  • Our prices are fair.
  • We work fast.
  • We meet our deadlines.

Most of our contracts come from word-of-mouth referrals: our clients tell others about the professional results we produced and the outstanding proficiency in their jobs their learners achieved through the training programs we developed for them.

Sustained Impact of ESF's Work...

Advancing the Field of Workplace Learning & Performance

A Revolutionary Strategy for Training in the Workplace

Since 1969, Drs. Peter and Mary Esseff conducted applied Research and Development in the field of Instructional Technology by applying their theories and philosophy to the projects they worked on for their clients.

In so doing, they redefined the application of Instructional Technology and created the most effective instructional systems design model available to date.

ESF's IDLS Instructional Design Model
is a five-step process including the following:

Step 1: Create a Task Analysis:

ESF developed a Task Analysis process to determine what learners need to DO (and LEARN to do) to PERFORM their job tasks successfully.

ESF's IDLS Instructional Design Model for creating a Task Analysis is three-fold:

  1. Review Existing Documentation,
  2. Get Subject Matter Expert (SME) Review, and
  3. Conduct On-site Observation.

Doing R&D over several years, the Esseffs developed TaskOutliner, a unique software system that instructional systems designers use to create Task Analyses quickly, easily and effectively.

Step 2: Write Performance Measures:

ESF developed a process to create Performance Measures from the finalized Task Analyses developed above.

The Esseff IDLS Performance Measures Model includes:

  1. Written Pre, Progress, and Post Inventory Questions (Multiple Choice and Matching)
  2. "Hands-on" Performance Measures (Case Studies, Role Plays and Demonstrations)
  3. Performance Checklists.

Step 3: Develop Learning Materials:

ESF developed a process of designing and developing Learning Materials (both in written and computer-based format) that are entirely interactive and are developed from the two previous steps described above.

The materials in the Esseff IDLS Learning Materials Development Model are self-paced and include:

  1. Pre, Progress and Post Inventory Questions
  2. Narrative Content
  3. Graphics.

Learners' Guides include Activities and instructions for applying what learners learned in the self-paced materials.

Over the course of several years of applied R&D, the Esseffs developed StyleDoc, a software system that allows instructional systems designers to customize instructional materials easily, quickly and consistently.

The Esseff IDLS Model allows for immediate transfer of learning materials to a computer-based format, either CD or Web-based.

Step 4: Validate Materials:

ESF developed a Validation process that GUARANTEES learning.

The Esseff IDLS Validation Model provides a field test of the Learning Materials described above.

The Esseff Validation process is unique in the learning industry in that it GUARANTEES that all learners achieve:

  • 90% or better on the objective Post Inventory Questions
  • 100% on the Performance Checklists which contain only observable tasks and subtasks.

Step 5: Create Interactive Instructor's Guides and Presentations:

ESF developed a process to create Instructor's Guides and Interactive Instructor Presentations quickly and easily.

The Instructor Guides and Interactive Instructor Presentations ensure consistency in the presentation's style and format from instructor to instructor.

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Thanks ESF...

Consultants to Fortune 500 Companies Since 1969

I have been using the IDLS methodology for the past 10 years. When implemented correctly, I have always met with success. The knowledge and experience incorporated into your programs make them easy to understand and apply. The methods make common sense! Thank you for your continued support. We have used the following ESF services, workshops, materials, and software:

  • Certified our Instructors
  • Trained our Developers
  • Developed Training Materials for us
  • IDLS-ProTrainer 1 (Designing Training Programs)
  • Interactive Teaching Skills
  • TaskOutliner
  • StyleDoc

P.S. Peter, write a book!

George Milton, Merck & Co., West Point, PA

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