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ESF's clients have been many and varied. Although some of the projects have been comparatively simple, most have been stimulating and intellectually challenging because they required not only training skills, but also considerable creativity. Since 1969, ESF has been offering its clients' a variety of material, tools, and processes to enable an organization's employees to become Professional Trainers in each aspect of the trainer's job. ESF can help you with the following training areas:

Certify Instructors to Conduct ESF Workshops...

Use ESF as a RESOURCE to Certify your trainers to conduct ESF's Workshops within your organization.

Many of our clients ask us to train their staff to conduct ESF's Workshops in order to enhance their trainers' skills and as a cost-efective way to train more developers and instructors in house.

Some companies certified their instructors so they would put to use the more in-depth skills learned during the T3 process to supervise a development project.

Some companies ESF has certified include:

Which ESF Workshops Can I Be Certified to Conduct?

ESF can certify your instructors in any of its Workshops:

How Can I Be Certified to Conduct ESF's Workshops?

Our certification process is straightforward, yet adaptive to your needs. It consists mainly of three steps::

  • Attend (as a participant) the program you wish to conduct.
  • Attend a Train-the-Trainer (T3) session with Dr. Peter Esseff (or another ESF-Trained Master Instructor). During this session, you will also gain the requisite Interactive Teaching Skills.
  • Be observed and coached by Dr. Esseff (or another ESF-trained Master Instructor) as you conduct your first workshop.

During all three phases of the certification process, you will receive feedback to help you improve your skills. We have designed our certification process to ensure that you will be successful in conducting any of our ProTrainer Workshops.

The Certification Fee includes a complete set of your instructor materials:

  • Instructor's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentations for each module.

When certified, you will be able to order the participant materials for that workshop at a discounted price.

Each step of the certification process lasts from three to five days, depending on the length of the individual workshop itself. We can customize all phases of the certification process to suit your individual time constraints.

You will be required to sign an Instructor Agreement agreeing that you will:

  • Teach only employees of your company, and
  • Purchase Participant Materials from ESF for each person you train.

Thanks ESF...

The knowledge and experience incorporated into your programs make them easy to understand and apply. The methods make common sense! Thank you for your continued support.

George Milton, ESF-Certified Instructor, Independent Consultant,
(formerly with Merck & Co.), Philadelphia, PA

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