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Suzin by Peter Max

Suzin III

Peter Max

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Below are several links that relate to websites of my virtual Art Gallery and virtual Writer Friends that we would like to share with you. Please visit and patronize them. I also discovered a yummy Mac program for creating websites. Try it out if you have a Mac. Be sure to add them to your Bookmarks or Favorites. Thank you.

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Arts-Galleria is a Virtual Gallery offering selected works by world-renowned artists. It specializes in the sale of fine works of art from around the world. It offers collectors, curators, dealers and galleries a wide variety of fine arts, jewelry, and collectibles.

Currently offered are works from the father of Art Deco, Erte, contemporary artists Marc Chagall, Peter Max, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, and Chinese contemporaries Ting Shao Jiang, Lu Hong, and Song Ping. Featured artists include Caryl Picker and Dennis Corrigan. also offers a showcase for relatively unknown, but dynamic, artists who are striving to have their visions viewed. A partial selection of some current works offered can be seen in the various galleries.

Many of the pages offer extensive biographies of the artists. Since the site is constantly under construction, some links may not be working properly. If you cannot link to the page of an artist that you want to view, please contact Mary Sullivan Esseff for more information.

Catholic Artwork

Sassoferrato: Madonna and Child Catholic Artwork is committed to providing beautiful and traditional Catholic Artwork handmade in America that will inspire and grow your Catholic Faith. The Catholic Church, with its rich and living religious art, has been a trusted guardian of these priceless expressions of devotion.

We offer these Catholic Artwork masterpieces to lift your heart and mind to God and inspire your soul to grow in radical holiness.

May God bless you abundantly!

The Abraham Family

DamnYankee & DarkStormy

DamnYankee e-Publisher

DamnYankee, an e-publisher, wants to promote quality literature and encourage authors who have made the effort to accomplish something as stupendous as a good, original book. DamnYankee's objective is to anticipate the services that will bring authors and readers together through the Internet.

Three Naked Ladies Playing Cellos Three Naked Ladies Playing Cellos was published by Released April 2000, this whimsically-titled volume (for all audiences) offers up an "arpeggio" of short stories and related pieces by 16 of today's best authors from coast to coast. Published both as a quality paperback and as an ebook, THREE NAKED LADIES PLAYING CELLOS is the first contemporary anthology released concurrently in both forms by an Internet publisher.

The Anthology was created from the works of sixteen writers affiliated with the website Although no longer functioning, at the time, the website was a virtual Algonquin Round Table dedicated to promoting its experienced writers and providing reciprocal links with as well as the writers' sites. You would have discovered some authors' stories and short personal biographies there as well as links to read more. It also provided a forum so that its member writers could stay in touch and share experiences.

Three Naked Ladies Reader's GuideAlso available is the Three Naked Ladies Reader's Guide, written by Drs. Peter and Mary Sullivan Esseff with contributions by the authors of the short stories. It can be used in schools or reading groups. You can purchase the Anthology at as an e-book or paper edition. The print edition, designed by Mary Sullivan Esseff, of the Anthology and Reader's Guide are also available at, other on-line stores, or by contacting Mary Sullivan Esseff.

Although we don't communicate on a regular basis, many of us feel a special bond of a work well done and a congratulatory note to each other (and ourselves) that, at that juncture in our lives, we had finally gotten a bit of fiction published. I, for one, am very proud not only of my story, but of the Anthology as a whole as well as my part in producing the final print product. In the past decade, many of the Darkstormy authors included in the Anthology have taken off. Please check out the other books they have published:

  • LEE SMITH aka GABRIEL STEVENS: Lee has several books including: The Morph Queen, Another Me, Golden Retriever, Jacks River Folk series: The Hanshi Cat.
  • TERRY BURNS: Terry has many books including: Beyond the Smoke, To Keep a Promise, Brothers Keeper, Cowboy Don't Read Poetry, Trails of the Dime Novel, Don't I Know You?, Mysterious Ways, and Shepherd's Son.
    TERRY is also an Agent at the Hartline Literary Agency which offers expert representation for authors writing both fiction and non-fiction for mainstream and inspirational markets.
  • MICHELLE BUCKMAN: Despite Michelle's hectic schedule, she has written several books including a 2008 Christy Award Finalist, Maggie Come Lately (NavPress 2007). In addition, she has written My Beautiful Disaster (NavPress 2007), A Piece of the Sky (RiverOak 2005), and Pretty Maids All In A Row (Avalon 2005).
  • CINDY APPEL: Cindy's books include: Salsa Therapy, Straight Answers to Tough Writing Questions, The Curse of the Manuscript-Eating Slushpile Monster, and The Best Christmas Gift. Cindy also writes the column Confessions of a Blonde Writer and has a wonderful site where she features books written from the point of view of her fantasy-romantic-comedy persona Cynthianna.
  • DAVID A. WOODBURY: David has written several books including: The Clover Street News, Fire, Wind & Yesterday, and Tales to Harm Your Mind. David will soon be publishing his great grandmother's 1884 diary written the year she turned 20 and met his great grandfather.
  • B. J. LAWRY: B. J.'s works include: Dance Lesson and Other Stories, The Pitcher Winder and Other Stories, Cotter, Arkansas: The Story of a Small Town, and Desert Heat.
  • DOUGLAS C. SMYTH: Douglas' non-fiction book, The Selfish Class and a novel, Attila as Told to His Scribes are available, for a limited time, as free downloads at his website Roman Empire--America Now. He has also written another novel, I, Zerco, which is currently sold out. Douglas is also a fairly frequent contributor of articles to
  • ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM: Although Elizabeth was not a writer included in the Anthology, she is married to one of those whose stories was in 3NL, and she has written an outstanding trilogy that may be as controversial as Dan Brown's DaVinci Code. The Maeve Chronicles is a trilogy that includes: Magdalen Rising: The Beginning (formerly Daughter of the Shining Isles), The Passion of Mary Magdalen and Bright Dark Madonna. A fourth book in the Maeve Chronicle is planned.
  • JO ANN YOLANDA HERNANDEZ: Jo Anm has written several books including: Homerun Hitter, The Throwaway Piece, White Bread Competition, Gardenias and Oranges
  • PAT BROWN aka P. A. BROWN: P. A.'s works include: L. A. Mischief and L. A. Heat
  • DON WINDLE: Don has written Where Bees Swarm
  • JIM WILEY: Jim has written Time Was.
  • MICHAEL OSTLUND: No Information available.
  • SUSAN SHELL WINSTON: No Information available.
  • DEB HARTRUM: No Information available.

Mary Sullivan Esseff's Writing Site

Peter, Age 10

One of the stories in the Anthology THREE NAKED LADIES PLAYING CELLOS is Love Made Visible by Mary Sullivan Esseff. You can read it on, Mary's Writing Site.

Set in the Lebanese culture in Wilkes-Barre, PA, 9-year old Khalil is called from his bed to help his Pop go to help the priest at their church. Khalil's Pop is the Maronite parish's church curator and cantor. Khalil learns many lessons about his Pop, the church, and life as they trek through a blizzard to answer the parish priest's cry for help.

Throughout the story, Khalil runs the gamut of emotions from being ashamed of his Pop to discovering what unconditional love means. He knows the phrase, "love one another", but to a nine-year-old, it was only a saying. He learns something of its true meaning when he sees it expressed by his saintly father.

Although fictionalized, the story is loosely based on an event in the life of her husband, Peter, as a young boy.

Click on the picture of Peter Esseff at age 10 to enlarge it.

Taco Software

Taco HTML EditThis website was created using Taco HTML Edit, a full-featured HTML editor and PHP editor distributed as freeware.

As an HTML editor, Taco HTML Edit empowers its users to rapidly create their own web sites. It is designed exclusively for Mac OS X and has many advanced features including spell checking, live browser previewing, PHP previewing, syntax checking, and much more. It is absolutely the easiest web development tool I've ever used. The ability to preview pages as you work helps you fix erroneous code immediately. And you can view in many different browsers to insure that the page looks good in all the browsers.

Thanks, Taco! MSE