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ESF Means... Excellence in Performance; Success in Achievement; Focused on Learning!

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47 Years


Who We Are...

Celebrating 47 Years as Consultants to Fortune 500 Companies

Founded in 1969, Educational Systems for the Future® (ESF) provides Professional Trainer Workshops, Materials, Software, and Instructional Design and Development.

ESF uses its proven Guaranteed Learning System based on cutting-edge learning theory and instructional technologies to achieve your training and educational goals.

By using a variety of instructional techniques, strategies, visual, auditory and tactile approaches, the learners' instructional process becomes much more enjoyable, their attention spans increase, and memory of the material substantially improves.


"Drs. Mary and Peter Esseff, 2016

Drs. Peter and Mary Esseff
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What We Offer...

Tools to Become a Professional Trainer

ESF's Train-the-Trainer Workshops, formatted for facilitator-led or self-paced implementation, enable you to become a Professional Trainer. Over the years, we have trained thousands of employees (many had never instructed or developed any type of training program) and turned them into ProTrainers.

ESF's Train-the-Trainer Programs are a hallmark in the training industry. We train your trainers to conduct ESF workshops for your employees so you can have an in-house staff that can do all the things that we do:

  • Instructional Developers: Develop print- or web-based training materials.
  • Interactive Instructors: Interact with every learner, even those who may present challenges in the classroom.
  • Needs Analysts: Save your company millions of dollars as proven through ESF's many in- and out-of-classroom experiences.
  • Training Managers: Have knowledge and skills for being a Training Supervisor.

ESF applies its unique Guaranteed Learning System to develop custom training programs, online e-learning (web-based training) and blended learning solutions. We use the appropriate level of technology that best meets the needs of our clients. ESF forms a partnership with its clients, working closely to identify training needs and the most effective and efficient way to accomplish that training.

  • YOU are the experts on your content.
  • WE are the experts at turning that content into performance-based instruction.
  • Together, we can develop unique, guaranteed training.

ESF's Proprietary Materials and Software are performance-based instructional modules that enhance your learning process through a variety of strategies:

  • Computer- or web-based training (CBT/WBT)
  • Multimedia-based training (MBT)
  • Electronic and paper-based instruction
  • Role-play activities
  • Simulations
  • Case Studies, and
  • Traditional classroom setting designs.

ESF Challenges You To...

Challenge Us to Bring In the Gold for Your Company

Go for the Gold Just as the Olympians have gotten stronger and more skilled over the test of time, so has ESF.

ESF has provided outstanding services to Fortune 500 companies since 1969.

What separates ESF from other companies engaged in similar activities is ESF'sTotal Training System, a process approach to solving performance problems.

We have found over the years that 85% or more of our clients' performance problems are outside the control of their employees and require something other than a training solution.

We have saved our clients literally millions of dollars and countless hours of time by helping them differentiate between training and non-training solutions to their performance problems.


ESF Track Record...

We Succeed Only When You Succeed!


ESF's PRIMARY FOCUS is to ensure that ALL its Clients, from those on the Fortune 500 list to the individual classroom teacher, succeed in:

  • achieving their organization's goals
  • serving their employees' needs, and
  • attaining personal job satisfaction.

ESF's MAIN GOAL is to make its Clients SELF-SUFFICIENT. When ESF leaves an organization, it goes with the knowledge that its Client has a professionally-staffed training staff, whether comprised of one person or an entire division.


Thanks ESF...

Hello Peter,

I do not know if you will remember me from your IDLS training session with Dow Canada, in Sarnia, Ontario almost 20 years ago. I have never forgotten my IDLS training and I consider you one of the mentors of my life. I'm sure there are hundreds, if not thousands by now, that feel the same way.

Even though I have not developed many training materials over the last 20 years, I have continued to put the IDLS training you gave me to good use. I have used the learning hierarchy to improve the content of presentations where ideas are being explained.

Many times I have used the example of learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide to explain the concept of the learning hierarchy to others so they can modify their materials to be more easily understood. This has helped a lot of people.

George Woods, Dow Chemical (Retired), Sarnia, Canada